Bible Food — The Ultimate Eat List

Are you a foodie and a lover of Israel? If your answer is yes, don’t miss your chance to create your own bible foods to eat list. By doing so you are a step closer to making your Bible food experience a reality. Taste and see that the Lord is good by adding the Bible foods to eat list to your goals. 

Creating Your Eat List

Moving forward to your Bible food adventure, you can look back to how culture and society were intertwined by the food people eat in ancient times. Coined as the Land of Milk and Honey, Israel certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to their delicacies. In fact, a lot of stories from the Bible made mention of various foods that shaped specific beliefs and traditions. 

Biblical stories show the significance of bread and wine not only as a staple of their diet, but also in the tradition of bread breaking that was passed down from generation to generation. In like manner, the earliest Passover meal composed of roast lamb with bitter herbs and unleavened bread displays God’s faithfulness as the story in Exodus (Ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt) is commemorated.

Using Bible stories as a reference, one’s heart for obedience to God is unveiled by their food choices. This is in response to the biblical dietary laws list crafted through the command written in the book of Leviticus. Fundamentally, you can eat the “clean” and avoid the “unclean” based on biblical standards. Hence, you have to highly consider the law in coming up with your own list. From simple family gatherings to special feasts, there is surely a long list of biblical foods to choose from. 

The Buying Guide

True enough, crops, fruits, and the like can be cultivated in different parts of the world. Even animals can be raised from a place to another. Considering this fact, it is not impossible for you to find similar products of Israel to a nearby store in your locality. But, be that as it may, an authentic experience cannot be achieved by partaking something that is just similar to what Israel has. This goes to show that wine produced in Israel has a distinct taste compared to the wine produced in other countries due to its undisputed origin. The same is true for the other products you have in your Bible foods to eat list.

Traveling and eating from different places sounds fun. However, doing such could mean a tug of war between your savings and expenses. Time constraints might also be a problem. So, if you are bound by the limitations of this reality, do not lose hope because there is another option for you.

The web opens up new opportunities for you to experience the authentic taste. This includes whatever you have on your Bible foods to eat list. You can select the products that you want directly from the Holy Land and have it delivered to your doorsteps. Definitely, this is a hassle-free alternative you can try to achieve your ultimate Bible foods adventure goal.

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Tasting Bible Stories

A Bible food adventure is one unique experience foodies and Israel lovers ought to experience. We have partnered with local business owners across Israel to give you a modern taste of the Holy Land. We are offering packages from some of the biblical locations including Jerusalem, Hebron, Alon Morey, Bethel, the Dead Sea, and more. You can follow Abraham’s journey in the Holy Land, tasting the different flavors along the way or follow Joshua as he leads the Israelites into the Promised Land and taste the land flowing with milk and honey today. There are other packages that feature other stories from the Bible. Don’t miss out on unique packages from the Holy Land! 

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