Our Packages

Our packages come to you every month and contain the best produce of the Land of Israel. Every month, a package of surprises will arrive at your door, describing an area in the Land of Israel where a biblical story, old versus new, took place.

Each package will have between 7-9 products such as oils, wines, sweets, Judaica, cosmetics, pottery and more. In each package you will find a brochure that will explain to you about the products, the manufacturers and the biblical story.

Some of the packages we have had so far:

Abraham our father: The leader to whom the Holy Land was promised goes on his brave journey through some of the most important sites. Abraham’s journey is full of challenges and hope with his wife Sarah, Lot, Avimelech and other characters. The package includes products and stories from Beit El, Jerusalem, Hebron, Beer Sheva and more. (Put the picture of Abraham’s package)

The Destruction of Jerusalem, on the occasion of the 9th of Av, we launched a unique package that is entirely the story of Jerusalem. Through the construction of an entire temple to the destruction of the terrible house. In this package you will find quality Jerusalem products, a living testimony to the eternity of Jerusalem, 2000 years after the destruction.

David and Goliath – The wonderful story of David and the postcard comes to life. We will tell about the round of Israel’s wars and the Philistines that culminated in the battle between David and Goliath in the Valley of the Gods. In the diverse package you will find products Ashkelon, Ashdod (Philistine cities), Jerusalem and of course the Ella Valley.

Rosh Hashna

Art objects

Various handicrafts and tools made of clay, glass or wood and more produced by various Israeli artists.


Bottles of red / white wine from different boutique wineries and different areas in the Land of Israel.


Sweets produced by boutique factories in Israel that specialize in the production of various sweets.

Receiving a monthly package

Our product packages are shipped once a month, and include a number of products that are related to the Bible affair of that month.

Olive oil

Glass bottles in various designs, including quality olive oil that produces excellent olive harvesters from various regions in Israel.


Various cosmetic products such as face masks, soaps, various creams and care products based on the minerals and salts and mud of the Dead Sea.


Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry made of metals, stones, glass and leather made by Israeli artists.

Fruits and dried fruits

Fruits and dried fruits grown in various places in the Land of Israel, such as dates, raisins, almonds and cherry herbs.